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About us

Hello, nice to meet you!


I am Roseli M. Menezes, the managing director of Rose Australia and I am proud of being a Qualified Educational Agent Counsellor. During my career, I developed a method of work which is unique. The high quality of service is the most important thing for my clients. My team is here to help you under my supervision to choose the best course and educational provider for you. 


Your future is valuable

Roseli believes that the choices you do at the present moment reflect in all your future. Coming to Australia is a unique experience that has as an outcome the most valuable asset that you have: your knowledge.


If you comply with the requirements for being granted an Australian visa, hold this chance and get the best as you can.  Remember that many people wish to be here, but it is not for everyone. If you tried to come and you couldn't, keep in mind that no one in the whole world is the same as you. Find out your gift from nature and try your best in every single thing that you do because doing this way, results are much higher than expectations. 

The meaning of the acronyms ABN and TFN

ABN and TFN are rights for people who hold a visa with work rights. 

ABN stands for Australian Business Number: you run your own business in Australia and has the responsibility of declaring your income and paying tax at the end of the financial year. 

TFN stands for Tax File Number: it is used when you are an employee. The company is responsible for collecting your tax to pay to the government.


An advantage of having a student visa in Australia is that you are allowed to work. However, there is a work limitation that you have to be aware of. Pay attention to the work contract with an employer. When your boss asks you to open an ABN rather than using the TFN, understand the risks you are taking. Read more about this in this article available at the Fair Work Ombudsman website: 



Courses for international students

Australia has lots of options for international students. You need to have a valid visa to study in Australia. If the course is lesser than or equal to three months, you can study while on a tourist visa. Have a look at some useful websites to be familiar with this topic. For further assistance, contact us :) How about a coffee to talk about your study options? Australians are coffee lovers and have the best coffee shops. Enjoy!



Promote our Australian Educational partners by using current and right information with honesty and transparency for international students from various countries around the world. Providing services with excellence in client service and do our best in guiding students to choose the best option for them becoming successful professionals shortly.



Have an international recognition by providing excellent services for clients and become a well-known company as a result of the high quality of our services.


Respect people regardless of their ethnical background, being ethical and honest in all circumstances; making use of transparency, integrity and always compromised to success.